I guess Thibs wasn’t known as a defensive specialist in his playing days 😄

Also, Curry Thibs range

“Allergic to defense,’’ reports former Salem State teammate John Furlong. “If he scored 20 and his guy got 19, that was a good night.’’

“He used to shoot from 35 feet like it was nothing. He would bomb away … He made himself into a really good power forward at 6-1, if you can believe that … He was just so strong. He used his body really well. He could shield people.”

“Tom very rarely crossed halfcourt without launching a shot,’’ claims Nate Bryant, who played for Thibodeau at Salem State. “He used to scrimmage with us, and if his shot didn’t go in, it was because he was ‘fouled.’ And if someone scored on him, which happened all the time, he’d call him either for a travel or a double dribble.’’