In no particular order, my picks for top 5 active players:

Steph: “You don’t want to see us next year.” And the league, did not, in fact, want to see what Steph would lead the Warriors to do.
Luka: “Everyone talk big when they up.” Wrecked two franchises. Scored 30 before the Suns had 30 as a team in game 7 in Phoenix.
Giannis: “That’s a lot of diapers.” Your team will need diapers when this man drives the lane.
Jokic: “I was watching Pokemon for 5 hours.” That’s how little he thinks about your team: Ash sending Team Rocket blasting off again and again is more entertaining than him dropping a triple double again and again.
Embiid: “Your team probably sucks.” The Most Valuable Philadelphian > your team.