After three seasons in NYC, Kevin Durant is ready to move on.

Late last week, Durant turned the NBA’s free-agency period on its head when he formally announced that he no longer wanted to play for the Brooklyn Nets and asked for the franchise to trade him. It’s a shocking development for a team that many considered the favorites to win it all last season. Durant’s trade request was made following Kyrie Irving’s fallout with the club. Irving had exercised his player option for next season, but behind the scenes, things had reached a point of no return, and now it seems quite likely that both KD and Kyrie are traded elsewhere, and soon. As of this writing, a Kyrie-for-Russell Westbrook deal is being discussed, while the rest of the league puts together their best package of assets in hopes of landing Durant. Regardless of where Durant and Irving go, the Nets will once again go into rebuild mode, something that seemed truly unfathomable not that long ago. 

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. In the history of the NBA, 42 players have made 10 or more All-Star Games over the course of their careers, including Durant, who has made a dozen trips to the NBA’s midseason superstar showcase. So with that in mind, how many of those 42 players can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!