I am from Charlotte, lived there my whole life until college, so I have seen it all. The situation we are in currently is scarily similar to our situation a decade ago – stuck in mediocrity.

There’s one thing I’ve learned from being a hornets fan is that if you are never the worst team but not a playoff team, that is by far and away the worst spot to be in in todays league. Years ago we had a great point guard with solid players around him to be a competitive team, but the peak talent of a first round exit. That’s exactly what we are now. 1 week ago I would’ve said something extremely different, but I have lost all of my confidence in the ownership, FO, and the happiness of our core players.

We made a great move in the draft selecting Mark Williams – great fit and it’s what we have needed for a long time. But what the hell happened at 13? A late first and 4 seconds for a lottery pick. The Wolves got more value at 19 and the Sixers did ten picks after ours as well. Just makes no sense.

After the Atkinson hire I was very confident in us taking that next step, re-signing a happy to be here Miles Bridges, and possibly make our first playoffs since 2016. That has all shot straight off a cliff now. Clifford in theory is what a zero defense team would need, if they weren’t all 20 year olds. Clifford proved to all of us fans he couldn’t develop a single one of our lottery picks well at all, and I doubt that will change.

I feel bad for LaMelo, Bouk, PJ, Kai, and now Mark too. Miles is most likely gone with Mitch giving the perfect opportunity for Detroit to sign him. I was all in on Mitch being our gm but after this week, I’m simply sickened. I’m making this post as a desperate call for help as this team has lost all sense of direction for our future and it’s truly depressing. My whole life every time we take a step forward we take multiple steps back as soon as we can. What is appealing here for LaMelo to stay for very long? We never seem to take the correct decision for the long run.

At this point we need to strike even more luck than we did two years ago with the third pick. We have dug ourselves a gigantic hole that’s gonna be hard to get out of. Fellow Hornets fans I am sorry, it seems a lot of our hope we gained is disappearing quicker than I could ever imagine.

This is such a lame post I know but I’m just done with this shit we go through every single damn year. I want to give a massive fuck you to the gambler that runs our team, never could be the goat in my eyes. All of the shit the kings get when we’re right there with them. I hope I am extremely wrong and this post is memed, just tired of this bullshit.

We’ll keep bonking one day buzz city