With his newly launched BJP Foundation, Prochazka and his team have used the notoriety built by the product of Hostěradice to give back in a handful of different ways.

“It was last year that we decided to build this foundation,” Prochazka told last week in Singapore. “My team, my colleagues, they help me with that because my role is that I’m a fighter and I’m here to give my name for these causes. That’s how I want to use myself.”

Attribute it to Prochazka’s refined warrior spirit — something each and every waking moment revolves around — or maybe it’s just his way of balancing the cosmic scales, but for the newly crowned champion, giving back creates a balance in his life that enhances all areas.

“This foundation keeps me balancing my fighting, aggressive life where I’m hurting people,” he said. “Many times, a lot of companies or foundations use me, my name, to get somewhere and to help someone and to promote it with me. I like to do that, so that’s why I decided to make my own foundation.”

The BJP Foundation raises money for a variety of causes, but its primary focus is enhancing the lives of children and their families battling various illnesses.

The BJP Foundation’s website lists some of its initiatives as “contributing to supporting the mental well-being of the families of sick children,” and “improving the facilities of Czech hospitals,” so that children and their families feel more comfortable and safe while receiving treatment.

Alongside the healthcare initiative, the BJP foundation also works to provide comprehensive care in sport, explained by Prochazka to take form in strength and conditioning, athletic and performance psychology and the professionalization of mixed martial arts in the Czech Republic.