Fury FC fighter Joel Bauman recently went viral at Fury FC 61, but it wasn’t for his second round KO over Reese Forest and it wasn’t for his motivation behind fighting; it was for telling the world he had two herpes outbreaks.

Just the way he drew it up.

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Bauman has done a lot of fighting at high levels. He’s a perfect 4-0 in LFA, he’s secured two strong performances at Fury FC and was knocking on the door of a UFC contract at FAC 12: Lookin’ For a Fight but fell short against future UFC middleweight Josh Fremd.

While pulling the curtain back on his life leading up to his FAC 12 loss to Fremd, he explained that his all-nighters to get his NFT launched and a couple herpes spells wore him down and he wasn’t at 100% for the fight. The reaction was exactly what he expected, and after years of making strides to cure malnutrition for children in need without any large-scale attention on his efforts, it was exactly what he was hoping for.

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“I don’t care what anybody thinks because it’s all the people sharing this bulls**t story thinking that I have genital herpes that missed, ‘Hey, this kid’s fighting to eradicate childhood malnutrition around the globe. How’s he doing that? Does he actually have a plan to do that?’” Bauman explained. “Yeah, I do. Nobody wants to talk about that, though. Why? Because it’s all buzzwords. That’s why I used buzzwords and people jumped on it and I have no shame.”

His test of consciousness was successful and while no clip of him ever mentioning his company Alovea has every gone viral, he proved to himself that it’s not because he’s doing anything wrong; it’s the public’s attraction to buzzwords and gossip.

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While the rest of the world is enjoying the spectacle, Bauman continues to plug away at his mission. Bauman feels that his company continues to stay on the cutting edge of philanthropy and food technology.

“Essentially we got the best food technology on the planet to assist the body in biohacking and healing itself,” Bauman explained. “We call it integrative health or integrative medicine, meaning you can take all of our products with whatever you’re already taking, and it’s only going to assist and add to it because it’s food. One of those technologies is called Limitless. Limitless is an all-natural anti-inflammatory derived from Betalain. Betalain is found in beets. It’s the anti-inflammatory property found in a beet. We extract the Betalain from the sugar molecule so one of these capsules is 500 beets worth of Betalain, which lowers the inflammatory markers of a human by 47% in 90 minutes.”

Providing the world with Alovea has the potential to supplement the malnourished with vitamins that not only make up for missing vitamins but also help halt inflammation before it turns into bigger issues.

How can Alovea accomplish that? That’s where the philanthropy comes into play.