“It’s not that I enjoy being away from my family, it’s very hard. But from the fight and perspective, it’s perfect, because then, selfishly, every second of the day is just concentrated on me and getting the best performance possible,” he said in a fight week interview with

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“It’s hard, but the hardships of it are short term, and I believe that the end result, it’s going to be a long term impact, and I’m just trying to make a better life for them.”

It’s the first time we really dove into the topic of family, putting the usual topics of what has come to be basic expectations of the 36-year-old — exciting fights, bonuses and finishes — on the back burner to hone in on a different side of Grant that we don’t always get to see.

Supported wholly by his family, the opportunity to do a full fight camp in Las Vegas wouldn’t be possible for the husband, father of three and gym owner if not for the sacrifices made without a second thought by his biggest support system.

“It’s great, honestly…because I’ve got such a great support network behind me, especially my wife. I mean, she’s not just looking after our kids and the house and everything. She’s also running things at my gym.”

While it sounds like a tall task for anyone, the County Durham native has full faith in his wife, Sherrie, thanks to her consistent support throughout his career.

“She’s like a little one-woman army,” Grant said, his smile widening with genuine admiration. “She’s fully supported me. It’s not like she ever says, ‘No, you shouldn’t do this.’ In fact, she’s more like, ‘Yes, go away, do this, if you think that’s better for your fight,’ and she is 100% behind me.