What you see is what you get, to some degree. The Ferguson you get in the gym isn’t much different from the version Callum sees in press conferences and interviews, but without the intensity in everyday life, it would be hard to produce the same intensity in the Octagon.

The same intensity that would scare away most people is actually what bonded Walsh and Ferguson. There aren’t many 21-year-old boxers out there willing to match “El Cucuy” stride for stride, but Walsh has been up for the challenge since he was six years old.

“In the workout, I think Tony noticed how hard I work in the gym,” Walsh said. “Then we started training together and he could see that I’m younger, but I could keep up with him because I’m always trying to be the hardest working guy in the gym. Every time I’m in there I’m trying to work harder than everybody else, so when I saw Tony I was trying to outwork Tony”

The two have surely pushed each other to greater and greater lengths every day in the gym, and Walsh sees Ferguson as family but what if the fight “El Cucuy” has been calling for, for years now, is offered?

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Does Walsh choose sides or go in the direction of staying neutral?

“I’d say if they were to ever fight there’s no way I could pick a side,” Walsh said of a Ferguson-Conor McGregor bout. “I love Tony, he’s like my brother, but I couldn’t go against another Irishman. There’s no way I could turn my back on the Irish, so if there were ever a fight, I’d be stuck in the middle. It’d be an awkward one.”

Until that day comes, it’s nothing but fist bumps and an unhuman level cardio between the two.

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