Remember the Tuck Rule? Las Vegas Raiders fans, we know you do, as it’s not exactly your favorite thing to ever happen to your franchise, but just as a refresher: during the 2001 AFC divisional game, Tom Brady — who at that point was still Drew Bledsoe’s replacement and not the likely greatest quarterback of all time — dropped back to pass. Charles Woodson tackled him, Brady fumbled, the Raiders recovered, and the New England Patriots’ Cinderella season came to a close.

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Except Brady hadn’t fumbled. An obscure rule decreed that even though Brady appeared to be tucking the ball into his chest, it was still technically a passing motion, and therefore the play was ruled an incomplete pass. The Patriots ended up coming back to tie it in the fourth quarter and win in a snowy overtime by an Adam Vinatieri field goal. The Patriots would go on to win six Super Bowls with Brady under center, while the Raiders … did not.

So it’s probably not much comfort to Raiders faithful that, in a piggyback off Justin Bieber asking people to “tell him something honest” on TikTok, Brady whispered an admission about the game that maybe, just maybe, it might have been a fumble.

Of course, Brady is undoubtedly trolling here. But that probably makes it so much worse.