CM Punk, CFFC and all of social media got a good laugh at the “everyman” opinion Renfro decided to share, but he assures everybody he was far from joking.

“My overall thought process was I want my money back,” Renfro bluntly stated. “They just saw me beat someone up, so they see what happens to someone when I want my money. You know in MMA we get our money when we win. Whenever I have a fight coming up, I approach it as these dudes are trying to take my money, so I’m going to whoop his ass for trying to take my money. Same thing with the governor. They took my money because they’re not being responsible doing their job.”

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When Renfro told CM Punk he almost didn’t make it to the fight at CFFC 94, it wasn’t out of frustration and it wasn’t a joke. The money he made in his stoppage was largely spent before he even had it.

“I was driving back to New Jersey and it was late,” Renfro explained. “I popped two tires on my left side and one tire on my right side and I messed up something else underneath my car. I had to pay for three tires and then something with the fuel or brake system. It ended up costing me $1,200. Then about two and a half weeks later, this is the week of the fight, I just got my hair cut and I’m pulling out of the barber shop and pop pop! Two more tires pop out. It ended up costing me another $300. I just spent 1,500 bucks just off of potholes, so I want to be reimbursed. I took pictures of everything.”