Sometimes, that’s worth more than a championship belt.

“Maybe that’s why the people feel so proud of my performance because with that fight they remember the amazing wars guys like Chavez, Marquez and Barrera put in the ring,” Moreno said. “The plan is always to beat your opponent in the first round easy, but at this level it’s so hard because the other guys are very tough, too. So obviously, I’m trying to be the best with technique and my game plan, but other times it needs to be heart and that’s it.”

Two Title-Fights & A Stacked Card: Order UFC 263 Here!

Moreno was all heart against Figueiredo, and the Brazilian champion returned the favor. After 25 minutes, a draw verdict was rendered, and this Saturday, they’ll run it back in the co-main event of UFC 263 in Glendale, Arizona. And this time, Moreno promises that with both fighters having more than three weeks to prepare, the bout will look a lot different.

“The first fight was hard for both of us,” he said. “It was short notice, just three weeks, and I tried to make the best game plan I could do with that time. So I was very careful with his power because he’s strong and very powerful, especially with his right hand. I remember in the fight I felt his power and obviously he punches hard but…he says he’s a God, but he’s not a God, he’s a human just like me or you. So I learned a lot in that fight and the main thing I learned was that I need to get more confidence because I know I can put damage on him.”