Let’s just say Abbott likes to keep team sports and individual sports separate.

“That’s kind of like you’re forcing an individual sport into a team sport,” Abbott laid out. “I don’t know if I’d be buying into it as a team sport kind of thing. I played football my whole life and I wrestled my whole life and it’s two completely separate things. When you’re on a wrestling team, I didn’t give a rat’s ass if wrestlers made weight and that kind of stuff. In fact, it was usually the littler guys. Don’t bring your b******t to me.”

Despite not following along with the seasons, Abbott acknowledges the successful formula that the UFC put together when TUF was introduced to the world, and he would have gladly joined the house and imposed his will on any challenger willing to share the cage, teammate or not. After all, there is only one winner per weight class.

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In summary, Abbott wouldn’t have played along with pranks, wouldn’t have held his teammates’ hands and definitely wouldn’t have looked at a teammate more favorably than an opponent on the other team. Sounds like some of the best TV the world never got to see.

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