UFC’s ultimate everyman has never had a problem making people laugh. It almost comes naturally. So natural, in fact, that even when he’s trying to demand a fighter to get back to the gameplan mid-fight it ends up being the funniest moment of the season. Unfortunately for Griffin, it wasn’t supposed to make anybody laugh.

“I didn’t even know that it could do that,” Griffin laughed. “I was almost amused that I could do that. It’s not a thing I could do on purpose.”

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With no warning from the crew or his other students that season, Griffin wasn’t aware just how memorably shrill his voice really was while trying to bark orders at the show’s resident badass. When Griffin saw – and heard – the moment, he reacted exactly the way you would imagine he would.

“I still think it’s amusing,” Griffin said. “I don’t even have a high voice. I have a very deep and very odd voice. It’s very distinct, but to hear it go high like that it’s weird. I’m not very loud, actually. Maybe that’s just what happens when I try to be loud. It just breaks.”