Multiple hour sparring sessions, spontaneous midnight training sessions and plenty of Tony-isms and the already exciting fighter added even more grit and more tenacity to his game. The proof was no stronger than his LFA 100 war with Gerald Scott.

With his strongest showing at LFA’s milestone event, it was made clear that Aaron was the type of guy to be a 6-4 regional fighter fighting like a UFC veteran. Who did he have to thank for it? It takes a village and a hefty amount of self-determination, but there were a lot of things standing in the way of Aaron even making the walk to the cage that night, and only one man was there to push him through.

“Having Tony there really helped because I actually got sick,” Aaron explained. “I think I put some food in my body that gave me food poisoning so the whole fight day and the whole night before I was really sick and Tony was helping me. He was running to the store and getting me shakes and stuff like that because everything he’d get me I would be throwing it up.”