“They didn’t really show Noah as a loudmouth on the show but he was kind of outspoken in the house,” Berube said. “Marlon was coming up with all these stories constantly about these fights, like he’d fight 300 guys. Marlon’s the Rickson of the streets in his eyes. They get to words and I just happened to be between them when they start getting to words. I was like, ‘I’m Lobstah Mazzagatti. You ready?! You ready?! Bring it on!’”

Things got worse before they got better. Thomas, who already wore most of the damage, ended up getting slammed on his head on the concrete and that brought UFC President Dana White into the picture. The next morning, Sims, Thomas and Berube were kicked out of the house for good. Although Berube thinks similar lines have been crossed in recent years, the punishment had to be dealt out.

“They didn’t know how the press or people watching would react,” Berube explained. “We were in the fifth season, so it made sense to me looking back at it. We could have been the end of The Ultimate Fighter if that had turned a different way, so they’re just looking out for their business.”

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The light-hearted Berube holds no bitterness about the removal. Even while noting that the rest of the house egged the fight on as much as he did, there’s no resentment in his voice, as he speaks of the UFC highly.