“I was just loose, having fun,” Allen said. “I was like, ‘Oh, man. This is gonna be nice.’ I remember throwing the first kick and just kind of seeing his eyes. I thought he was going to be gritty about it and be like, ‘Yeah, come on,’ but then he kind of went to throw a kick back, and I moved and shook my head, ‘No,’ at him. That was when I was like, ‘Yeah, now it’s going to be a fun night.’”

Now, with his sights firmly placed back on cracking the Top 15 and marauding his way up the rankings, “All In” is living up to the moniker. 

Confidence? Not A Problem

“I’ll never really tell anyone to their face other than jokingly, but I always feel like I’m better than people when I walk in there,” Allen said.

Clearly, Brendan Allen is not short of confidence. Even as a 23-year-old fighting Aaron Jeffery on the Contender Series, he showed he had the goods to make waves in the UFC. It’s a confidence borne from work as well as an innate need to prove he’s the better man on the night. 

That said, he holds that belief while understanding he needs to achieve the results in order for everyone else to give him that same kind of credit.

“It’s just up to me to show it or for them to prove me differently,” Allen said. “That’s just kind of the chip on my shoulder, and it’s going to take a helluva man to knock it off as far as beating me everywhere and hands down just plain beating me to where I know they’re better than me. That’s the man I’m looking to find, and one day, I’ll find him. I just don’t know when.”

Despite a quartet of losses on his professional record, Allen more or less brushes them off and believes they were the result of his own mistakes. Even the Strickland fight, Allen feels like his opponent “just caught” him because of his own error.