UFC: What does it mean to you to be on this season of The Ultimate Fighter?

Rettinghouse: It means a lot to me in terms of the UFC, and the path I’m on, in general, and my goals. The exposure is just added bonus. I’m really excited to show off my skills and I feel like I’ve should’ve been here a long time ago, so I’m ready to show it off.

UFC: What do you bring to the Octagon?

Rettinghouse: I think with my experience and my age I’m the most well-rounded and have the most experience. I think I have the highest fight IQ. I can take someone to any aspect of the fight they don’t want to be in, so their weakest point and my strongest point. You’ll be able to see that in the fights.

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UFC: Why do you think you have the potential to leave this show as a star?

Rettinghouse: I’m going to resonate a lot with the audience, and I think that my fights will stick out. Hopefully after the show when I win it, I’ll keep winning and that’s why guys will want to tune in.

Make sure you tune in to season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter, which airs live on ESPN+ on June 1st at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.