The lovable nuisance has spent plenty of time ruining people’s day only to (hopefully) make them laugh afterward. The pranks and reactions never seem to go too far overboard and it’s completely by design. Unfortunately, that “design” means fight fans are unlikely to ever see Sal cross over with an MMA prank segment.

But could the king of late-night hijinks offer any advice to The Ultimate Fighter 29 cast about in-house pranks?

Don’t Miss Any Content From The Return Of The Ultimate Fighter

“Let me start with this, I’ve done over 200 pranks on Jimmy Kimmel Live and I had one rule,” Sal laid out. “I’d go after anyone; I didn’t care, but not if they had, like, a neck or below the eye tattoo. Those guys are off limits. They’re killers, they’ve been to jail, they don’t care about going back so let’s just go on to the next guy or gal.”