Those who follow fighting closely enough know how bright Allen’s future appears. He is technically proficient everywhere in his fight, but his offensive and defensive striking ability really showed up against Yusuff. That said, Allen knows he hasn’t yet shed that “dark horse” status in the division just yet on a grand scale.

However, he picked up a knock on his left hand that is lingering a little longer than he hoped despite x-rays showing no structural damage. As he allows that hand to heal, Allen is still busy in the gym lifting weights and getting in some one-handed training with some professional boxers in the area. He hasn’t done too much MMA training, but he still gets the work in any way he can. He admitted that he probably won’t go on any spontaneous marathons like he did before the Yusuff fight, though. 

Allen often splits time between England and Quebec, Canada, training with the Tristar team, where he found an affinity for off-roading with his girlfriend in a Jeep. While he waits for that injury to heal and for a bout agreement to sign, he’s enjoying his meal deals in England (his go-to is a chicken stuffing sandwich, Boost Bar and Naked Smoothie from Tesco). However, he found himself stuck with a lowered BMW that “can’t go over a speed bump.” To amend that, Allen bought a Ford Ranger that still has signage from a garden company to take off-roading. Coincidentally, the truck also features the slogan, “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

When he isn’t kicking up mud with a car, he always represents his hometown when he can, especially when it comes to soccer (or football, depending on where you’re reading this). Allen supports Ipswich Town FC, a Championship side in his area. Recently, the club announced Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran as the shirt sponsor for the 2021-22 season, which sounds odd on its face but makes a little bit more sense considering Sheeran’s own roots.