The NBA playoffs have officially arrived, with Milwaukee Bucks star Khris Middleton delivering the first unforgettable moment to take Game 1 against the Miami Heat.

Saturday’s playoff actions started with a bang. Milwaukee held a 99-97 lead with only seconds remaining in the fourth quarter on the verge of a series-opening victory. But Jimmy Butler came through in the clutch, sinking the shot at the buzzer to send it into overtime.

The back-and-forth action kept up in extra time, with both teams exchanging leads. With the Bucks ahead 107-104 and time winding down, Goran Dragic responded with a game-tying three-point shot from the corner. Khris Middleton had his moment to shine as the seconds ticked away. With Duncan Robinson right in his face, Middleton pulled up and fired from mid-range and came through in the clutch.