Apparently, the Hemet, California product has a pretty thick skin when it comes to such matters.

“I don’t care for the comments section of anything, but if it’s funny, I’m good,” Vanderaa said. “If you can come at me with a funny insult, I’m not one of those people who are like, ‘Oh no, you said something mean.’ If they’re funny, I’m fine with it. I’m pro-clowning.”

It’s a unique attitude, but then again, Vanderaa is a unique guy. That’s outside the Octagon. Inside, he’s all fighter, which made his second-round stoppage loss to Spivac all the more disappointing to him.

“Looking back on the fight, the end of the fight looked more towards my ability to get out of my own head than actual skill,” he said. “Not taking anything away from Spivac, but I left my skills in the gutter. My goal in that fight was that I’m going to break his hand with my forehead; it didn’t work out that well, but there was a chance there. (Laughs) I didn’t allow my mental game to be a priority going into that fight. I got into my head and I got my face smacked up for it.”

A visit to the doctor after the fight showed that he got his face smacked up before it, too, as it was revealed that he went into the bout with a broken nose. Oh yeah, there was that broken toe that he did know about, as well.