Key Stats: 1.51 knockdowns per 15 minutes (4th all-time among MW), 5:57 average fight time (2nd shortest), 3.85 strikes landed per minute

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What It Means: Shahbazyan is a powerful, smooth fighter, especially on his feet. His boxing is slick and fundamentally sound, and he carries power in each punch without needing to load up all too much. He is physically strong, and once he senses a finish, he does well to pounce on his opponent while also not getting himself into a bad position.

What to Look For in the Fight: On the feet, look for Hermansson to utilize his kicking game to keep Shahbazyan out of rhythm and at a distance. If Shahbazyan does get into range to use his hands, he has the power to end the fight quickly, but Hermansson’s grappling is also strong and he can use it to counter any flurries Shahbazyan might throw his way. Hermansson is probably Shahbazyan’s most dangerous test in terms of his ability to find submissions as well, so if he attacks something there, it’ll shed light on Shahbazyan’s defensive grappling.