“It’s always been like that. It’s look good, feel good, then fight good,” Garbrandt told “It goes back to my wrestling days. I would always have the double socks just to have a little something different, a little swagger that set me apart from the other kids on the mat.”

Garbrandt definitely brought that swagger into the UFC, often donning designer outfits and three-piece suits to press conferences. Over the years he’s added to his wardrobe and he believes that his style has evolved as he has grown as a person and a fighter. Garbrandt thinks a majority of his fans like his style, and while he knows he’s going to have some haters, he won’t let their opinions get to him.

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He admits that when he first started getting into fashion he wouldn’t take as many risks, but as he became more comfortable with himself, he was willing to be bolder with his look.

“When it came down to it, I wanted to be a guy that had his own style and that looked good and translated it into a good performance,” Garbrandt said. “I think that self-love and self-care are so important for everyone, not just fighters. Having confidence in my look helps me believe in myself and that’s when I go out there and perform like I should. My style shows that I have passion and that I’m not afraid to be me. When you’re wearing something perfect, it gives you that ‘it ’factor.”