In Dariush’s last fight against Diego Ferreira, he was forced to dig deep and find another gear. That fight reminded him of his passion for competition and to overcome adversity. It’s fights like the one with Ferreira that bring out the best in him and he believes that when he just flips the switch into savage mode, he separates himself from the pack.

“My goal is to be calculated for sure, but you have to understand that’s my most natural nature, is to just fight and to be a savage. I think the big difference between me and everybody else if you look at everybody on the card, ‘oh I wrestled since I was a kid, I was doing jiu jitsu, I was doing boxing’,” Dariush said. “Man, I was getting scolded for fighting. I was getting disciplined because I got in fights. The difference between them and I is that they were bred for this, while I was born for it. At this point in my life, I will leave no stone unturned to reach my goal, so I think that’s the difference.”

Photo Gallery: Beneil Dariush Trains Ahead Of UFC 262

Dariush isn’t sure if the 17,000 fans in a sold-out Toyota Center will see that version of him on Saturday. But he is sure that the fight with Ferguson will be one that fans will love, hopefully even more than the main event bout featuring Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler.