From goalkeeper and salad ingredient comparisons to a McDonald’s confession, ATP Tour players have shared memorable quotes these past two weeks from Madrid and Rome.

Can you remember who said what? Was it Marin Cilic, Novak Djokovic or Gael Monfils who enjoyed a recent reunion with Andy Murray at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia? Who called it “one of the biggest wins of my career” to beat Rafael Nadal “in his house” at the Mutua Madrid Open? 

Take the quiz and prove how much you remember! (We won’t set a timer on this one, in case you want to do a little bit of research… 😉)

Quiz: Who said it? 

1. “I think it’s comparable to a goalkeeper [facing] a penalty. If he places it well, if it has the right speed, there’s just no time to react.”

2. “They always say the 18th birthday is special, but it will be even more special to turn 18 playing against one of the best tennis players of all time, and the best for me.”

3. “I was very happy to see [Andy Murray]. I haven’t seen him in a while, and it was great to hit with him. I thought he played very well on the court.”

4. “There was one trip where I forgot underwear, so I guess that’s pretty bad. But I just bought some, so it’s fine. It worked out fine!”

5. “It’s amazing, an unbelievably emotional moment for me because I’m in Rome, in my Italy with fans for two sets. I’m so happy for this victory, for this match.”

6. “When you make a salad and you are putting ingredients inside the salad, he has plenty of ingredients to become a great player. That’s the main thing. Then of course, nothing is easy.”

7. “Through my experiences in this great game, I’ve seen time and again how the lines of a tennis court can so perfectly connect people from all countries and races and beliefs.”

8. “[It is] definitely one of the biggest wins of my career so far, especially on clay against Rafa. It is the toughest thing to do in our sport. Beating him in his house, in Spain, is incredible.”

9. “Many times when I lose a match or when I finish a tournament, I take McDonald’s. I like McDonald’s because it’s really good in Russia.”

10. “I actually love clay. I think I should be extremely dangerous on it, depending on getting the right conditions. I grew up on it… I think I have a lot of potential to be dangerous on clay, similar to Isner.”

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