UFC featherweight and MMA connoisseur Chase Hooper acknowledges the impact Bennett left on MMA. Referencing the blooming popularity of MMA, Hooper believes “Felony” was a promoter’s dream at the time.

“It was in the Tapout era, wearing jeans with the bling on them and stuff, the shiny shirts, all that,” Hooper said. “People wanted to see some crazy s**t. He definitely provided that.”

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A fan of everything Bennett put on the table throughout his career, one moment in particular Hooper points to came at PRIDE FC: Shockwave 2005.

While the ref gave the final instructions, Bennett went even further over the top in the faces he was making to the camera, resulting in the ref giving him a “pay attention” slap on the head. Bennett realized he had two people in the ring to worry about, and he handled it the only way you would expect him to.