Something about Englund’s regimen seemed to work. Whether it was the water, the drive or the extra shot of pre-workout every day, Englund baffled everybody when he found out that he was in remission. His doctor, his dad and, of course, his mom were in utter disbelief and relieved shock.

The greatest news of his life was followed up immediately with even worse news than before. Shortly after becoming one of the fastest people to ever beat CML Englund’s life was turned upside down yet again.

“I was the first person on the trial to beat leukemia and as soon as I beat leukemia my mom passes away from having a stroke,” Englund said through tears.

She was the rare mother who not only supported her son’s venture in fighting but was excited about it. Beyond that, a huge factor in every single one of Englund’s camps.

He didn’t just lose his mother, he lost his favorite teammate and a key motivating factor. Englund was inches away from being a guy who used to fight, and she saved him.

“She always did my weight cuts,” Englund explained. “She would control my diet. She would help me with my weight. If I walked into the kitchen, she would pull me out. It would always be her waking me up early in the morning. She always pushed for me to be the best fighter that I could be.”

A year and a half after being announced cancer-free and the passing of his mother, Englund is back, full circle at Fury FC 46. Back in the cage, back in front of Dana White. As if that wasn’t poetic enough, his second audition for Dana comes only one week after Mother’s Day.