As funny and bizarre as it was, Currier explains that his friendly fire takedown wasn’t an accident, and that there was a plan behind it. It just, as he explained, couldn’t have gone worse.

“So the strategy was if Willie were to get into a rear naked choke his idea was to walk to me,” Currier explained with a laugh. “Walk over to our side that way whoever it was in our corner, our strategy was then to sit down and then I would attack the legs with Willie laying on top of John because you have three to five seconds to work tag team. I grabbed John’s leg and then Willie passed out. Willie was choked unconscious and so I never attacked Willie’s leg. I touched John’s leg and Willie fell forward. Both of them fell on top of me.”

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Currier and Audifre have clear reason to defend themselves from blistering insults such as “doofus” from Uncle Chael, especially after coming off of the week that Currier had. After losing at CJJ Worlds only a week before, it would have been nice to have gotten the opportunity to defend his strategy, right?


“My job is not that serious,” Currier stated bluntly. “I wake up every day and skateboard, I play on my trampoline and sunbathe, and I go to the gym and I wrestle in spandex. It’s not a real life. I would love for every event to go down with me dominating and being this ultra-athlete, but I just enjoy it. I do this for a living and it’s really hard to get upset with it.”