Welcome back to the Sherdog Staff Pick ‘Em, where this week we will
attempt to pick the winners and losers for
UFC on ESPN 23
, also known as “UFC Vegas 25.”

It’s impossible not to feel just a little bit of a lull after the
three-title-fight madness of last week’s UFC 261, but this ESPN
card is quietly packed with well-made matches, some intriguing
prospects and a main event that’s a possible title eliminator for
at least one of its participants. Despite the odds being fairly
close on a majority of these fights, the staff picks are not, with
two unanimous calls, two fighters with only one picker backing them
and nearly all of the fights featuring at least a two-thirds
majority for one fighter or the other.

Without further ado, here are the Sherdog staff picks for UFC on
ESPN 23.

Duffy/ illustration