“I wouldn’t want him to,” Brown said. “People see all the cool stuff on Facebook and all the lights; that looks cool, but in reality, there’s a lot of heartbreak, there’s a lot of pain. This is a tough sport. This is the fight game and it’s not what people think and I don’t want him to compete. But I do want him to be able to defend himself, so that’s why I have him in classes and things like that because kids are mean and there are bullies.

“So I do have him in classes so he knows how to defend himself, but I really wouldn’t want him to fight. My younger brother, he just finished college wrestling, and he’s wanting to fight and I can’t let him fight and not support him. I’m gonna be there in the corner and I’m gonna make sure he’s the best he can be, but the pain and the hardship I’ve had to endure, you don’t want any loved one to have to go through that.”

This is a crazy game, isn’t it?

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“It is the craziest of all games,” Brown laughs, but he loves it and he’s not packing it in anytime soon. There’s still work to be done and goals to be reached, and when things go right, the 30-year-old will be the first to say that there’s nothing like it in the world.

“I love the lifestyle, first of all,” he said. “I love just being able to train and have all the extra time to spend with my son, and the lifestyle’s nice. But there’s also a feeling you get when you knock a guy out or you win, and you raise your hand and thousands of people are screaming your name. It’s a high beyond any high I’ve ever experienced in my life and I guess that’s what keeps me coming back. And at this point, I’ve got some unfinished business. I didn’t make it this far just to make it this far. I wanted to get in the UFC and win some fights, so I’ve got a bit to prove at this point.”