That doesn’t mean that St-Pierre wasn’t close to that storybook KO. He nearly had Shields with a head kick in the fourth round of the bout. The best part is that St-Pierre didn’t think the kick would find its mark. He was just throwing it to measure the distance.

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“I remember at one time I threw a kick at the head of Jake Shields but when I threw that kick it was more of a fake. I threw the kick just as a measurement sort of kick. So, I touched Jake Shields on the temple, and he fell down and I didn’t put enough strength on it because I didn’t believe it would touch the target; I thought he would adjust to help me measure my distance,” St-Pierre recalled. “But when I look back on that sequence, I’m like, man, I should have put more strength into that kick and perhaps I would have gotten my knockout. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen the way I wanted.”

It may not have gone perfectly, but the fans inside Rogers Centre definitely enjoyed the show and were treated to an incredible event.


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