Capaldo’s KO landed at number 2 on one of the most coveted countdowns in the world of sports, Sports Center’s Top Ten Countdown. Most regional fighters would mail the next few weeks in after accomplishing such a feat, but ESPN put a half-hearted chip on Capaldo’s shoulder.

“I was pissed too,” Capaldo exclaimed. “The number one, the top play, was a home run, I think. One of the announcers actually said, ‘This should be number one’ when they were showing mine. It was like a home run or something. Some typical crap that they see every single week. I should have had that.”

ESPN isn’t the only person adding to the chip on Capaldo’s shoulder. Lion Fight champion and a fellow frontrunner for FIGHT PASS KO of the Year, Steve Walker, is still currently brushing his shoulders off from his tornado kick KO that froze the whole combat sports world.

Walker agrees with aspects of Capaldo’s argument for KO of the Year such as, Sports Center countdown and MMA vs Muay Thai, but light-heartedly offers some ammo of his own.

“I didn’t make the Top Ten but mine went to a bunch of different platforms from World Star to Tik Tok,” Walker laughed. “His didn’t go on Tik Tok! They turned mine into a dance move. Now all the break dancers are doing it. I think me and him are going to have a nice competition; he made Top Ten and my tornado kick is considered a dance now. We might have to leave it up to the people.”