Julius Randle is having the best year of his NBA career, as the 26-year-old was an All-Star selection and is expected to win Most Improved Player. His outstanding play has earned him the praise of Charles Oakley, with the former Knick calling Randle a “superstar” and even saying that he believes he is better than Zion Williamson.

“I think (Randle’s) a better version of Zion Williamson to me,” Oakley said during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “Because he can do more. Zion is just hype in the league. But in the playoffs, he’ll be just like the Greek Freak. They’ll have the wall for you. First of all, Zion Williamson got to get the playoffs.”

Parts of Oakley’s assessment are valid, as the Knicks look to be cruising to the playoffs while the Pelicans are unlikely to even earn a spot in the play-in tournament. And there have been concerns about Zion’s game translating in the postseason.

But Zion is only 20 years old and already looks like one of the most unstoppable scorers in the entire NBA. That’s not to say Randle hasn’t been outstanding this season but comparing is ultimately unfair to both guys, who are having great years in their own right.