That means that Grant has to be on his A-game.

“I can’t hold back on my punches; I have to go forward and strike and follow through. I have to use my set-ups and everything I see. In the past I had a tendency of trying to finish a fight a specific way,” Grant said. “This time I have a fight that needs to get finished no matter what. I can’t let it go to the judges.”

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Another thing that has Grant more focused than ever is the UFC’s return to having a sold-out arena. He loves the fans and the energy they give him when he’s in the Octagon. That connection is something that makes him perform his best and he fully intends on tapping into that electricity in Jacksonville.

“When fans are there, it adds a variable. There is so much energy and emotion in the crowd and you can feel that, and you can connect with it,” Grant said. “Now the fans are back, and I want to give them a finish. It has to be spectacular, and I have to hear them when I’m done. That’s all I’m focused on.”