Zion Williamson is without question a supremely gifted athlete capable of accomplishing things on the basketball court someone his size should be incapable of doing.

The New Orleans Pelicans superstar believes his enviable and rare combination of size, strength and agility would translate well to the gridiron. In fact, Williamson thinks he could have made it to the NFL had he chose football over basketball.

“Yeah, I believe I could,” Williamson told FOX Sports 1’s Shannon Sharpe during a recent appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. “I’m just a competitor.”

Williamson does have some experience playing quarterback in youth football, but he envisioned excelling at the NFL level at other positions.

“I think I would either do tight end or receiver. One of those two,” Williamson said.

Interestingly enough, Williamson isn’t the only NBA star who has come forward touting his potential NFL-level talents. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has gone on record several times over the years to tout his football bona fides. In fact, James shared earlier this year the he considered making a go at a potential NFL career years ago.

What’s more, former NFL star tight end Greg Olsen recently claimed that he could transform James and another NBA star into legitimate NFL players with only one year of coaching. Odds are Olsen probably believes he could do the same with an athletic marvel like Williamson as well.