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Round 1

First fight up at Bellator 257 is a featherweight contenders’
matchup between undefeated prospect Wilson (7-0) and Carvalho
(11-4), who has plummeted from headliner to curtain-jerker since
his last fight. Kevin MacDonald draws the referee assignment for
this opening bout. Wilson hits a double-leg takedown immediately
and plants Carvalho on his seat in the middle of the cage. Carvalho
pops up, but Wilson takes his back standing, sinks both hooks and
hauls him back down. Wilson with a body triangle. Just 90 seconds
in, and Carvalho is in all kinds of trouble. Carvalho spins around
and is in Wilson’s guard. Carvalho on top, against the fence.
Wilson briefly goes to rubber guard, but gives it up and goes back
to full guard. Carvalho throws a few short punches, but is too busy
defending himself in Wilson’s aggressive guard to do much more.
Wilson looks for an armbar briefly, but can’t secure it. 30 seconds
left and it’s still Carvalho on top, in Wilson’s closed guard. The
round expires. 10-9 Wilson.

Round 2

Wilson lands a spinning backfist right out of the gate which lands,
stunning Carvalho. Carvalho goes staggering away and Wilson is all
over him, swarming with punches. They clinch against the fence and
Wilson uses a whizzer to toss the still-dazed Carvalho to the
canvas. He lands in full mount, throws a few more punches and
MacDonald dives in for the stop. Dominant work by Jay-Jay

The Official Result

Jay-Jay Wilson def. Pedro Carvalho R2 0:53 via TKO (Punches)