It was likely the only time in her life McClatchie was disappointed in the lack of damage she suffered. A few moments of physical pain would have been well worth the reaction in her Defense.

“I was almost hoping to have a vicious black eye or something just so that somebody would ask me about it,” explained McClatchie. “The profs are generally not the kind of people that understand combat sports at all, so it’s always interesting to kind of bring those two things together.”

With Masters in hand, McClatchie has found a level of comfort in her career in both the lab and the ring. She completely accepted years ago that her outside life will never completely win over the scientists she rubs shoulders with. Her boss will always avoid details when finding out what her vacation time is for and most co-workers will never take an active interest in the story behind the stitches, but whether they realize it or not, she has noticed cracks in the armor of their disinterest.

“My principal investigator has shared pictures of me at Madison Square Garden as a lead-in to my scientific talks at conferences, so I think he’s secretly a little bit proud,” McClatchie said. “He doesn’t get it but he’s a little bit proud.”

Currently there’s no professional Muay Thai in Ontario, but the second McClatchie finds an opportunity, she looks forward to rounding up a few co-workers, shuttling them to an event and daring them not to become taken over by the action.

Until then, it’s the same old black sheep in white lab coat, a combination McClatchie wears with a smile.

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