It’s a statement that O’Malley, who has three fight night bonuses in his four pay-per-view showings, is intending to deliver against the Brazilian, who will be making the walk for his 27th professional fight.

“Thomas is tough. I’m gonna beat his body down, I’m gonna hurt him and then I’m gonna knock his lights out; same way I took out Eddie,” O’Malley predicted.

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The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt carries with him a type of confidence that comes not only from fight camp preparation and a decade of experience, but also from the work that gets put in every single day.

“I live the life of a world champion already. I’m not going to become a world champion and then think ‘Oh, I’m a champ now, I have to live like one.’ I live like I’m a champ anyway,” the product of Glendale, Arizona’s MMA Lab explained. “I train hard, I have a nutritionist, I get my blood tested so I’m doing the right things, I’m eating the right foods, and I’m training with the best guys in the world.”