Who deserves the “Baddest Man on the Planet” designation? Stipe
on Saturday will defend his undisputed
Ultimate Fighting Championship
against Francis
, as their rematch headlines UFC
at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Ahead of the long-awaited
showdown, Sherdog checked in with some of Brazil’s most respected
trainers and fighters, had them analyze the main event and answer
the most important question: Which man will emerge victorious?
“Frances has a chance in the first two rounds, but I see Miocic
winning. He is a much more complete fighter. He is able to mix
boxing with wrestling and grappling—as he showed in the first
fight— and he will do that again.” PICK:

“Ngannou is a one-punch fighter. Miocic will be able to take him
down, make him tired and win just like in the first fight.
Actually, I miss the old heavyweight Pride [Fighting Championships]
times when we had Fedor [Emelianenko] and [Antonio Rodrigo]
‘Minotauro’ [Nogueira] and the technical level was better. Thank
God, [Jon] Jones went up [in weight]. In my opinion, he will easily
beat Miocic or Ngannou.” PICK: Miocic
“I think Ngannou will win. He certainly improved from the first
fight, and his knockout power will make the difference. In my
opinion, he will beat Miocic and Jon Jones. I
don’t see anyone beating that beast nowadays.”
PICK: Ngannou

Vinicio Antony

“I believe Ngannou will win via knockout in the first round. With
his technical evolution in takedown defense, he just needs to
repeat his strategy from three years ago.” PICK:
“Numbers show that Miocic is the best heavyweight in UFC history. I
don’t see him as the best of all-time, but for sure, he is the best
in the UFC. I think he will have problems against Ngannou. I have
friends who live in Las Vegas, and they say that Francis almost
lives at the [UFC Performance Institute]. He uses the facility like
no other fighter, from nutritionists and physiotherapists to
physical trainers. He also evolved a lot in all technical areas
from last three years, and because of that, I think he is the
favorite.” PICK: Ngannou
“Ngannou is definitely a beast who has evolved a lot from the first
time they faced each other three years ago, but what most people
forget is that Miocic also evolved. That’s why I’m betting on him.
He dominated Ngannou strategically and mentally the first time.
After Ngannou, he lost to Daniel
and then returned and beat “DC” twice, which shows he’s
a great champion. Miocic is a family man who never gets involved in
the hype and glamor of the ‘champion’s life.’ He is the archetype
of a winner, and in my opinion, he will keep being UFC champion for
long time.” PICK: Miocic