“Ross is an unreal coach. It’s weird, but he can read me like a book. He takes one look and knows what I’m feeling or thinking. It’s great having a coach who has already done what I’m doing so many times. It helps me to relax when I’m feeling stressed, and I can just focus on what I have to do.”

While many professional fighters gravitate towards bigger gyms, bigger cities and even other countries to level up their skills, Mullarkey has no plans to leave his neck of the woods.

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“I’m very proud of where I’m from,” he declares. “The support and love I get is amazing. I’ll be at the beach or wherever and people will come up and say something encouraging. It really means a lot –especially if I’m having a bad day or have just done a hard session in the gym. It’s a really beautiful place, too.”

It’s that sort of positivity he hopes will carry him to victory in the biggest fight of his career, at UFC 260 in Las Vegas.

“Worthy is a very good opponent; he’s been around a while,” says Mullarkey. “But I’ve never felt this good coming into a fight. I’ve got a plan and I can see myself getting the win. I’m confident I’m going to get that finish.”