Vanessa Bryant took to Instagram on Wednesday to name and shame the police officers who allegedly captured and shared photos of the crash that claimed the lives of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, as well as seven others.

The information she ultimately shared and the fashion in which she did it immediately caught everyone’s attention. There are numerous posts of the judge’s ruling which Bryant won available to view on her Instagram page.

Last week, a federal charge ruled that the identities of four Los Angeles County deputies accused of sharing photos from the crash were to be unsealed.

“Indeed where the case involves allegations of police misconduct, the public has a vested interest in assessing the truthfulness of the allegations of official misconduct,” the judge noted, per the Los Angeles Times.

“Although the Court recognizes that this case has been the subject of public scrutiny and media attention and that the Deputy Defendants are legitimately concerned that they will encounter vitriol and social media attacks, such concerns, by themselves, are not sufficient to outweigh the public’s strong interest in access.”

Vanessa has consistently been a rock for the Bryant family over the past year. Whether she’s sending special gifts to celebs like Kim Kardashian in hopes of keeping Kobe’s memory alive, or saving her late husband’s fans from scams, or fending off unfortunate claims from her mother —  the Bryant family matriarch has handled everything and anything that has come her way with nothing but the utmost class.