Key Stats: 60.5% significant strike accuracy (1st all-time among MW), +1.65 striking differential (4th), 52% takedown defense

What It Means: Holland is a rangy striker and tricky grappler who has shown the ability to both catch opponents off-guard with something unpredictable and pick apart foes from distance. His striking is diverse, and he is particularly effective from distance with a variety of kicks and long punches while managing distance. Up close, he’s educated with his elbows and knees in the clinch. He’s an active grappler even off his back, searching for strikes or submissions in a normally disadvantageous position.

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Co-Main Event: Gregor Gillespie vs Brad Riddell

What to Look For in the Fight: Don’t expect this fight to just be a striker-vs-grappler situation. Gillespie is more than able to put Riddell out on his feet, so if he decides to stand and trade with the New Zealander, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise. That said, Gillespie’s ability to find his way through grappling is well-documented, and so if he gets a hold of Riddell, Riddell will need to find his way back to his feet without taking too much damage or opening himself up to a submission, both of which Gillespie has shown a quickness in finding.

Gregor Gillespie