The Boston Red Sox will soon welcome a new member to their ownership group, and we’re guessing you may have heard of him.

Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe reported on Tuesday that LeBron James and his partner Maverick Carter have purchased an undisclosed amount of shares in Fenway Sports Group, which is the firm that owns the Red Sox. The deal will require approval from Major League Baseball.

Fenway Sports Group also owns the Liverpool soccer team and auto racing team Roush Fenway Racing. LeBron already owned an approximately 2% share in Liverpool, which he purchased in 2011.

As Silverman notes, FSG is looking to expand to all other U.S. major sports in addition to purchasing another European soccer club. The group wants to eventually own an NBA franchise, and LeBron’s presence could obviously help with that down the road.

LeBron and Carter have continued to expand their business empire in recent years, and they likely are not done. Carter indicated a few years back that LeBron wants to own a franchise in another sport as well.

It will be interesting to see how Red Sox fans react to the news of LeBron purchasing a stake in the franchise. Fans in Boston — like many other cities — have never really had warm and fuzzy feelings toward King James.