While Vucenic has no ill will for Charriere, personally, he does note that Charriere’s path of YouTube fame has led to a fanbase that is loud, but uninteresting.

“A lot of Morgan’s fans probably couldn’t name, you know, ten MMA fighters,” Vucenic said. “They just know Morgan Charriere and because he’s French they’re just backing him. He could be doing anything. Probably half of them don’t even know Morgan Charriere’s a fighter. They don’t know what organization or anything.”

Going as far as calling Charriere “a French Jake Paul,” Vucenic does applaud Charriere’s way of marketing himself. Acknowledging that Charriere’s 100,000+ YouTube subscriber feat doesn’t come without talent, but there’s a difference between marketing and a love for MMA.

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“I know that French MMA is going to get a lot bigger because it’s just being legalized and stuff like that,” Vucenic said. “I’m sure Morgan’s going to want to headline that Cage Warriors card there. He’s just in the sport for his own personal gain.”

Vucenic has little faith that he’ll get the respect he deserves if he wins. No matter the fashion, no matter the round, it just isn’t likely. He has an idea of how the fight will go, and even if he predicts the finish and carries it out, it’s a losing battle. The only bit of validation he’s after is the featherweight belt.