“It’s great to get back in. This is probably one of my quickest turnarounds, and it’s not exactly a quick turnaround in the grand scale of it all, but it’s really good to get back in,” Grant said. “After the knockout, I was absolutely buzzing. Even my jaw didn’t keep me out for that long; I was straight back in training to get a fight again this quick.”

This time around, Grant’s biggest opponent isn’t a pesky lingering injury or the mythical ring rust, but yet another up-and-comer also looking to score his third-consecutive win in the American, Martinez.

“I think he’s a great striker, but to be honest, I think I’m better,” Grant said with a smile. “Honestly, not trying to be big headed or anything, but if I was looking at the tapes of both of us, I’d say that I’m the better, more technical one, so I’ll be looking to strike with him as well.

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“A lot of my wins have come by submission, so a lot of people think I’m more of a grappler than what I am a striker, but the reality of it is that most people just try to take me down because they don’t want to deal with my strikes, and then I end up subbing them. That’s how a lot of early fights went in my career. But I’ll take anything; I like to think I’m a pure all-rounder, so wherever the fight needs to go, I’ll be fine.”