The following is a transcript of an interview by Josh Gross with
Pat Miletich, conducted Wednesday, March 3. Some of the questions
and answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

accomplished everything a professional fighter could
want from a career in mixed martial arts. After the respected
Ultimate Fighting Championship
welterweight titleholder stopped
competing on a full-time basis in 2002, he remained a fixture in
the sport as a world-class trainer of champions and a busy
broadcast analyst. On Jan. 6, Miletich joined thousands of
like-minded Americans at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington
D.C. The 55-year-old retired fighter maintains he was not among the
group of rioters who stormed the United States Capitol, yet two
months later the impact of his presence on the grounds lingers
after photos emerged of him mingling with members
of far-right extremist groups
. Miletich said during the first
week of March he was contacted by FBI agents who were interested in
his recollection of an infamous day that soon cost the Iowan his
color commentary duties with the
Legacy Fighting Alliance

In Part 1 of an expansive interview that covered the events of Jan.
6, Miletich discussed the reaction he received and why he views the
world the way he does.

Gross: We’re approaching two months since Jan. 6. What’s
going on in your life at this particular moment?

Miletich: Right now, I’m remodeling a home. I’ve already got offers
from people to buy it before I’m even done with it, so I’m working
on that. I’m selling the hell out of Black Oxygen, which is a
supplement company that I got involved with, so that’s going well.
And I’ve got offers to do broadcasting with different groups, one
of which is on UFC Fight Pass. The others are pay-per-views. One of
them is Caged Aggression, which is a local Iowa show here. They do
a great job. When Anthem bought out AXS-TV, everyone lost their job
all at once over there, so I decided to ask some of my buddies here
in the Quad Cities who have had experience in TV if we could pull
off an internet pay-per-view just to see if we could do it. Within
17 days we got it done, right? I thought it was worth continuing,
and we’ve actually been selling a good number of pay-per-views on
those local shows worldwide. We’re doing the next ones on March 25,
26 and 27. Mike Goodwin from Caged Aggression is doing a triple
night of fights, and so we’ll have internet pay-per-view packages
for that one. And then, of course, Ken Shamrock’s
bare knuckle [show] is starting up again this year. And then the
XFC also. The Black Oxygen is great, and I enjoy helping people
with that.

Gross: There was confusion about LFA. You were never
actually fired from LFA, correct?

Miletich: Basically, they were just going to part ways. I think
what they wanted to see is if things would die down, calm down, and
I honestly didn’t want them stressing about it. I love [LFA CEO] Ed
[Soares], Sven [Bean] and Mark [Bieri] and have known them for
many, many years. I didn’t want them to deal with any of the
stress. In the end, I said, “Look guys, it’s not that big a deal. I
got a lot of other stuff going on. You go ahead and move on, and
I’ll do my thing.”

Gross: Even though you posted on social media that you were
fired, that was not true. You took that post down

Miletich: I was asked to. More than anything it was, “Hey, we need
to distance ourselves from this whole situation.” When your
employer says that to you, you just take it as, “Yeah, I’m being
let go.”

Gross: Is there any potential for you to go back to LFA? Is
that something you’re interested in?

Miletich: I love those guys and would do anything they ask. Right
now, I’m focused on other things, and they’re doing fine.

Gross: So you’re very much in the mix in the MMA game.
There were questions about your status, whether you were going to
be ostracized or what role you had in the sport. None of that’s
come to fruition? You’re still making the most of it, or do you
feel you have had to pay a price for your attendance on Jan.

Miletich: Of course, for a while there I paid a price. There’s
always going to be people who believe what they read. Nothing could
be done about that, right? After being involved in the sport since,
I don’t know, ’95, ’96, some millennial who calls himself some sort
of reporter ran some slanderous bulls— article and posted it on
the internet. After 30 years of being involved in the sport,
suddenly, God, someone finally found out that I was a racist or
something. It’s miraculous. Just a genius. Like I said, I had to
forgive the guy. I’m not going to be mad about it. I don’t have the
time to be mad at people, especially someone who does something
that stupid. It is what it is.

Is the article you’re referring to the one that was written
? He’s a fighter that you cornered.

Miletich: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gross: You obviously drew criticism. Do you feel any of
that is warranted, or is the perspective of people who wonder why
you were at the Capitol on Jan. 6 not something that should be
discussed? How do you think people should view your appearance
there on a day that’s pretty infamous?

Miletich: Well, look, the last time I checked, this was the United
States of America and people are still free to assemble. Right? Me
going to Washington D.C. because I knew it would be something
that’s historic no matter what happened, I wanted to take part of
the process of what was going on in my nation. People are so
sensitive and overly sensitive their feelings get hurt by anybody
with a different viewpoint. And my viewpoint is this: I’m going to
do what I can to make sure my children enjoy the same freedoms I
did. Right now, if things continue the way they are, that’s not
going to be the case for any of us. So that’s my viewpoint, and I
don’t particularly care who the president is. I don’t care who’s in
Congress. Or the Senate. All I care about is that they don’t s—
on the Constitution like they’ve been doing for, well, decades.

Gross: Do you feel like for public figures such as
yourself—you’re a former UFC champion people in the space know well
and some people outside the space know well—that there is no room
for free expression? Do you feel like you have ever stepped over a

Miletich: In no way, shape or form. I mean, look, again, the First
Amendment gives us the right to speak our mind. And, of course,
people are more than free to express themselves in how they feel
about me doing that. But overstepping a line? How could I possibly
overstep a line when it comes to my children’s future. The
revolution happened over a five-percent tax. We’ve gone so far past
that. I’m not calling for a violent revolution. I’m just calling
people what they are, whether they are on the left or the right,
and understand that without a doubt the citizens being divided is
on purpose. People have to be able to see through what the media is
trying to do. It is the machine that tries to drive hatred and a
wedge between the American people. That’s the only purpose that the
media serves right now.

Gross: What do you make of the coverage of Jan. 6? You were
there. What you saw with your own eyes, you saw with your own eyes.
Obviously, you couldn’t see everything. It’s a big building, a big
complex. You couldn’t know what was happening if you didn’t see it
firsthand, I suppose. Based on what you saw firsthand and what you
saw through video—I imagine you paid some time seeing what was out
of your view—what was that day like? What does that day represent
to you? The way that everything happened, do you feel like it
represented your interests? Are you in common cause with the people
who stormed the Capitol?

Miletich: That’s a loaded question, Josh. You shouldn’t ask the
question in that way. I have no idea where you would drum up
framing a question that way. That’s, in my mind, ridiculous. My
leanings towards anyone that was in the Capitol—that’s why I stayed
down on the street the whole time when everything was going on. We
didn’t even know anyone was going into the Capitol, right? From
where we were, the front of the Capitol and the front lawn is so
big and so vast that we couldn’t see any details at all. We
certainly couldn’t see back to where the doors were at the top of
the Rotunda that circles the Capitol. It just looked like a lot of
people were standing up there and the stairs and all over the lawn.
We didn’t know people were going in the Capitol. On top of that,
there were several people photographed inside of the Capitol who
were absolutely were part of Antifa. I’ve seen photos of them at
Antifa rallies. I also know that
[John] Sullivan received $35,000 from CNN and $35,000 from [NBC]
for the footage he shot inside
. He was accompanied by a CNN
reporter who was also filming for the same time. Some people were
undoubtedly Trump supporters inside the Capitol, but I can tell you
that there were plenty of people who were not. We know going into
this that Antifa was going to be infiltrating and throwing on Trump
shirts and trying to cause trouble. Two of them walked through the
Trump crowd earlier in the day with backpacks, black hoodies and
baseball bats hanging out. They’re walking through a million Trump
supporters, and everybody in the Trump crowd was basically saying,
“Hey, where’s the baseball game at today? Hey, what team do you
play for?” Because everyone was smart enough to at least figure
that out. Would I put on a Trump hat and walk through an Antifa
rally in downtown Seattle? How’d that work for me? Right? See what
I’m saying?

Gross: I don’t know if you heard
testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday (March 2) from the FBI Director
[Christopher Wray]
, who, again, is one of many people saying
there’s no evidence whatsoever of Antifa, no evidence whatsoever of
the actors that have been alleged. When you hear that, how do you
take that in?

Miletich: I think it’s pathetic. I think he’s flat-out lying. Look,
there’s a lot of good people in the FBI. I spoke to a couple
of them yesterday. They called me up and said, “Hey, our superiors
are making us go back and check through. We knew you were there. We
knew you didn’t do anything wrong, but we want to know what you
Here’s what I told them: I said, “Everything that I saw
from my vantage point, looking up the hill was when the police
officers opened the barricades and waved the crowd up the hill.”
I’d never see anything like that. I looked at my friends.
Instantly, it did not pass the smell test. We knew something was
up. As the crowd poured up the hill, the police officers spread all
across the hill. There are acres and acres of grass laying up
towards the Capitol. As this crowd poured up the hill, once the
crowd got to a certain point up the hill getting closer to the
stairs of the Capitol, from the left in slid a bunch of guys in
riot gear and instantly started hitting the crowd with stun
grenades, tear gas, rubber bullets and OC spray. We could hear the
explosions. We could see the tear gas. And all of that from where
we were. So basically, what I told the FBI agents was this, I said
that would be like me—this was so obvious—to me it would be like
you coming to my door, me inviting you for coffee, me opening my
door, letting you walk past me and then punching you on the side of
the head while you’re walking by. That’s how the crowd got inside.
This was an absolute, 100-percent setup for optics. It was just too
obvious, Josh. And I’ve seen footage from the other side because
they were doing the exact same thing at the same time on the other
side of the building. So for people to think this wasn’t set up and
planned, they’re completely crazy.

Gross: Some people are going to read this and think you’re
crazy. How do you reconcile that?

Miletich: OK, OK, OK, let me explain something if anyone reads this
and thinks I’m crazy after I’ve spent over 25 years training law
enforcement, the tactics of law enforcement and training high-level
military. I actually know what the f— I’m talking about. The
police opened barricades and waved a crowd up toward the building.
OK? I’m not crazy. There’s footage out there. It exists. People can
look it up themselves. If people think I’m crazy, it’s because
they’re completely disconnected from reality. Because on top of
that, there are millions of people out there, Josh, who think our
government actually gives a s— about us and don’t think the
government and the media is trying to divide us while they do
everything they’ve been doing. Case in point: Tens of millions of
people have been put in abject poverty by lockdowns—completely
unconstitutional lockdowns—but yet the government tells you it’s
for your own good and safety. Meanwhile, people are losing houses.
A hundred thousand businesses at the very least have gone under.
Millions of people are going to be filing for bankruptcy. Millions
are going to lose their houses. And if you think your government
cares about you while allowing this to happen to millions of
families, I don’t know what you’re smoking. But people can think
I’m crazy because they’re devoid of any common sense. That’s all I
can say.

Gross: How did you end up in D.C. on Jan. 6? What was it
that drew you there?

Miletich: You know what, it was a friend of mine who said, “Hey man
I think we should be there, be there to check it out, be present at
something that’s historic and just be part of the process. Be
there. Observe what happens. Just be part of it.” Look, I’ve got to
tell you. The whole thing was a “Love Fest.” People of all
backgrounds, all religions. There was a massive amount of Chinese
folks there who oppose Chinese communism. There was a lot of black
Americans, a lot of Latinos, and not a single, not a single… There
wasn’t any… It was really like a Love Fest. It was like the 1960s.
Everybody had good feelings. Everybody was hanging out talking and
having a good time taking pictures with each other. That’s all it
was until the crowd got let through the barricades, and then they
started getting hit with stun grenades and tear gas.

Gross: There was nothing in between then that would have
changed or influenced the crowd’s mood? You were there. You heard
the speeches that day. Were they riling
people up?

Miletich: No. There was no speech that I heard by anybody saying,
“Let’s go fight.” When you’ve got [Speaker of the House Nancy]
Pelosi and numerous other Democrats going, “If you see these
politicians in restaurants or gas stations or grocery stores, get
in their face. (Note: Pelosi condemned these remarks, which originated
with California Democrat Maxine Waters
.) Confront them. This or
that.” And meanwhile, you’ve got guys like
Rand Paul and his wife coming back from dinner being shoved around
by a bunch of Antifa, and the cops are trying to guard them.

That’s the kind of s— that’s been going on for a long time.
Cities have been burned but yet
a million supposed Trump supporters are in D.C.
If you think
for a minute that the intention was to take over the Capitol,
you’re crazy. If a million people wanted to, the thing would have
been burned to the ground. I mean, let’s be honest. We’ve got to
use our heads here. The intention was not to take over the Capitol
and the FBI director saying there isn’t any record of Antifa being
involved in the building—there’s pictures of them inside the
building, OK?

Gross: In some of the criminal filings of people who have
been indicted and arrested, it has been shown that they dressed
like Antifa. People were there supporting Trump, but they dressed
like Antifa. Is it possible that that’s the disconnect or

Miletich: Did you say that Antifa said they were there to support

Gross: No. They were Trump supporters who talked about
dressing like Antifa.
It’s in the criminal filings

Miletich: You know what, anyone dumb enough to do that… that has
got to be complete bulls—. Here’s the thing that people have to
understand: When you look at Black Lives Matter, the vast majority
of Black Lives Matter people, they just want change. They don’t
want black kids getting shot anymore, right? They don’t want
unarmed black men being murdered. And they should absolutely fight
for that. But what people don’t understand, numerous people that I
talked to—because on my podcast, Josh, “The
Conspiracy Farm
,” we talk to people who are on the ground—in
Wisconsin when all of that went down, they watched the buses come
in after dark and all the violence starts. The same thing happened
in Fargo, North Dakota. Exact same thing in Minneapolis. In
numerous cities across this country, during the day Black Lives
Matter protests have been completely, totally lawful and calm and
peaceful, and for whatever reason certain people are being paid to
come in and infiltrate Black Lives Matter and burning and looting
and causing violence, OK? That is for the optics. Let me help you
understand this. Hypnotists work this way, and this is the way the
media has absolutely mastered it. A hypnotist will say they want to
elicit an emotion out of you, and then they will make a suggestion.
And they’ll elicit another emotion and make another suggestion. And
they’ll take you further down a road until they have your trust or
are calm enough, whatever. The media does the same thing. They
elicit an emotion. On my podcast, I said asymmetrical warfare and
financial collapse will start to happen in the spring of 2020.
Trump had pissed off the Chinese and Russians enough that the
spring of 2020 is when all of this goes down. And I’m watching
financial metrics. I’m paying attention to all of it. I’m doing
interviews with people who give us detailed lists of weapons
shipments out of Bulgaria to ISIS. We have those flight manifests.
All the way leading up to our investigations where we’ve got 25
bioweapons labs that encircle Eurasia with scientists who have
diplomatic immunity, which means they can ship and carry anything
they want and you can’t search them. And by the way, all those
laboratories have the ability to create and weaponize viruses that
attack specific DNA. These aren’t my words. These are Pentagon
documents, OK? But anyway, I’m sitting there basically saying this
is coming in the spring of 2020. So the first thing I see in the
news—and knowing how the media works and how they cause fear or
certain emotions, anger, things like that—they start showing
Chinese people falling face first on concrete. Then they show
Chinese people in Chinese hospital bags convulsing. Then they show
body bags. Then they show refrigerator trucks. Then they show a
giant bat hanging out of a bowl of soup. Now they’ve scared the
s— out of everybody who is gullible enough to fall for it and
then a talking head comes on and said you’ve got to lock down your
businesses, wear a mask to save grandma and grandpa. So now
everyone is afraid and they lock everything down. Well, Josh, I’m
the kind of guy who sees this and goes, “A bat in a bowl of soup.
Are they really trying to sell this? A wet market?’ OK. Whatever.”
I’m sitting here laughing. You don’t know what comes next after you
agree to this. You lockdown your businesses. Remember it started
out as 14 days to slow the curve, right Josh?

Gross: People were trying to help the hospital

Miletich: Oh yeah, 14 days to flatten the curve to help hospital
workers. It’s a year later, Josh. Do you think the government is
going to give back your rights?

Gross: Yeah, I don’t feel like my rights have been taken.
It’s a global pandemic.

Miletich: It is not a global pandemic.

Gross: It sure is. How is it not?

Miletich: Josh, Josh, if it was a true pandemic, you’d hear
ambulances all day and night.

Gross: I heard a lot in L.A. for a long time. People in New
York heard a lot of ambulances, too.

Miletich: Well, that’s to be expected when
[New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo sends all the infected people into old
folk’s homes

Gross: Cuomo isn’t the governor here. A pandemic is a real

Miletich: [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom is no better.

Gross: Aren’t you tired of whataboutism, of arguing that

Miletich: Well, here’s the thing. My point is that the American
people have been taught to think with their emotions. Literally
Josh, I feel we’re one news cycle away from people absolutely
losing their f—ing minds. They’re so convinced that they allow
the media to go past their objective thinking. They don’t step back
and do any research for themselves, and it goes to their lizard
brain and it’s true. It’s embedded in their lizard brain. Case in
point, every once in a while when I’d teach a seminar, me being a
former world champion and a coach of world champions, people would
take my word for it when I’m teaching a technique. You would assume
everybody who paid to be there trusts that I know what the hell
that I’m talking about. Well, every seminar, I would teach one
technique that was complete and utter bulls—. And I did it
deliberately. I would let the class start to practice it. And I
would stop them and ask if anyone questioned what I just taught
them. “Anybody in this room?” I’d have one guy raise his hand
saying he was kind of wondering, but no one else in the room did,
Josh. That’s what happens when people hear words from someone they
see as an authority on something. I’m telling you. You have to be
able to step back objectively. Do research.
The death rate is no higher in 2020 than it was in 2019
. OK?

They jacked up the PCR tests. Now they turn them down when [Joe]
Biden is president. Why is that? Why did they do that? Why did they
turn down the sensitivity of the PCR test?
I’ll tell you:
Because they wanted to jack the numbers up. Right? They needed the
numbers to be high. They needed to scare people.

Gross: Do you subscribe to anything from QAnon? A lot of
the thought process you’re describing for people presumably on the
left or who listen to mainstream media is that they’re buying into
a Big Lie, that they don’t know the difference and they’re getting
sucked into that. Is there any of that way of thinking on the
right? Is there any element among Trump supporters? Anything
remotely like that on your end of the political

Miletich: Well, I would say this: People who are just as gullible
believing in the mainstream media are just as gullible as people
believing in Q. That goes for both sides of the aisle.
Unfortunately, there are aisles instead of just the American people
waking up. QAnon, we, for a long time on my podcast, Jeffery Wilson
and I co-host, were flat-out saying it’s a PSYOP. It has to be a
PSYOP. Early on, we would debate it and would say, “OK, a few
things that Q said actually happened, but for the most part, it’s
complete bulls—.” This and that. And then it just, you know,
after stepping back and objectively researching this stuff, [we
would stop] and go, “It’s nothing more than a PSYOP. That’s all it

Gross: How do you determine if your objective analysis is
accurate? How do you know what you know? And how do you believe so
thoroughly that it’s true?

Miletich: Well, because I do things like having people with
opposing views on my show who are pretty intelligent and will
debate with me. I have a scientist on and an immunologist on who
will debate [inaudible] on something like vaccine safety. Where
nobody has dissenting views on mainstream media. They’re a giant
echo chamber, right? So I’ve got to be able to go and say, “You
know what? Yes, there might some validity to this. Let’s talk about
it.” Back when [President George W.] Bush invaded Iraq, everybody
was rah-rah-rah George Bush, go America, right? So I’m having a
conversation in my gym with a good friend of mine who has done some
shows for A&E, a very bright guy, a producer. But at the time
way back then, he’s a sound guy for the UFC film crew filming in
the gym. He’s a local who was hired. He and I are talking. [He
asked,] “What are you thinking?” I said, “I don’t know why we’re in
Iraq. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when supposedly [Osama]
Bin Laden cooked up all of this in Afghanistan and Pakistan, among
other places.” He goes, “You ever hear of Halliburton?” I said I
wasn’t familiar and he told me to look up
Dick Cheney and Halliburton
. I put the pieces together with the
oil. So that’s when I go, “OK, yeah, let me research it.” I
researched and was like, “For f—’s sake, it’s all true.” So yeah,
you get to the point where you understand it almost doesn’t matter
who’s in office. They’re not running the show. You get past all the
left and right stuff, admit you could be wrong, do some research
and find out. The way I kind of relate it, Josh, is in the early
UFC days, everyone had their own particular art: a karate man, a
wrestler, a kickboxer, a judo guy, whatever. From my observation
and watching these guys compete, that’s just pure ego. That’s not
wanting to admit you don’t know everything and going in with karate
believing you’re going to win this thing and getting the living
s— beat out of you by a world-class kickboxer or getting thrown
on your head by a judo guy. Politics. People are so emotionally
tied to their politics, so people can’t come up off it because if
they did, they would have to admit that they were wrong all along.
They’d have to admit it. I’m one that’s big enough to go, “Listen,
you prove a point to me, show me documents, show me facts and I’ll
admit I’m wrong. One hundred percent, I’ll admit I’m wrong.” But as
of yet, not a lot of people are coming on and proving me wrong.
We’ve invited numerous experts in numerous fields on our show, and
they won’t do it because they know we’ll destroy ’em. Because we
have the documentation. We have the facts. We have the proof. So
look, I don’t claim to know hardly anything, but I do know one
thing: I have talked to a lot of experts from different
perspectives and have drawn a conclusion that, with a lot of
research myself, that what we’re witnessing has nothing to do with
a virus. It never did. We said it on the first day. We did a ton of
episodes when this thing kicked off and said it wasn’t about a
virus. It’s about the collapse of the monetary system. We saw that
coming a mile away. Over a year before, we were talking to guys
like Peter Schiff on my show—the guy that called the 2008 collapse
and got laughed at on CNN. Obviously, he was correct and the other
economists were never to be seen again because they didn’t know
what they were talking about. From military experts to intelligence
officials, people who were very high up in intelligence, you know,
and talking about what was coming. We are absolutely going to be
dealing with asymmetrical warfare, economic collapse and a reset of
the monetary system. That’s all this is about. If they wouldn’t
have come up with this amazing idea to lock everybody down… People
can go back and watch Bill Gates’
Event 201
. This was absolutely planned. They filmed the whole
thing. It’s a mini documentary on Event 201, on coronavirus. They
had experts in the media, military, immunologists, all kinds of
doctors having meetings and filming all this stuff. It ended, I
believe in November 2019, and all of a sudden, boom, we’ve got
coronavirus. Anybody can go look that up and watch it and research
it. But my point is I did a little research and talked to some
experts here and there and was able to go, “The s—’s coming.
Asymmetrical warfare is coming. Massive PSYOPs. Financial collapse.
Digital currency is what they’re pushing for.” Now you see global
bankers talking about creating digital currency. Physical money
spreads the virus. It’s all bulls—. It’s all about control.

Gross: You seem to have in your mind a really good roadmap
of why we’re here and where we’re going. You’re convinced of

Miletich: I don’t have to be convinced because I already know.
Look, for those that have never researched Agenda
. It’s all real documents. They can go read it.

Gross: Can I admit something to you, Pat? There was a time
I learned about Agenda 21, and it led me down into all sorts of
rabbit holes that I see today are what form the general conspiracy
hivemind that exists in this country. I know from my personal
experience how it influenced what I thought of the world, how it
influenced my personal relationships in the short term and I
extricated myself. I learned more as I went along. I don’t see a
dark, sinister force at play here. Agenda 21 is a real thing, but
it’s interesting how people can be pushed into a certain direction
by the information they take in. And it’s a reinforcing loop, as

Miletich: Here’s another case in point for you. You can go back to
Episode 150 with our interview of Rosa Koire. She’s a very
left-leaning lady and made that very clear during the episode. She
said, “Listen gentlemen, I lean very far to the left and I’m a
lesbian, so let’s make that very clear.” She proceeded to explain
that as she was working for [the California Department of
Transportation], she noticed all this Agenda 21 stuff being
implemented at a local level. That’s the way they do it.

Gross: Let’s just say Agenda 21 is about Sustainable

Miletich: Listen, that’s wordplay. Sustainable Development in
translation, in reality, that means government entities and very
powerful people taking over all control over food and energy
production. And how many people are even allowed to even be outside
of the city. All of these things are very real. They are being
implemented. There’s a reason that when you put a supposed virus in
place and you shut down all meatpacking plants and people have to
slaughter hundreds of thousands and millions of cattle and cows and
chickens and turkeys, that… look, they knew what they were doing.
It’s very systematic in how they did it and why they did it.
Luckily, here in our area at least, I was able to save four family
farms because they were going to have to slaughter their cows and
hogs. I started putting ads on Facebook like crazy for those farms,
and they were able to sell them all and send them to the local meat
lockers to be processed. They saved their farms. These people told
me flat-out they were going to lose their farms. They were going to
lose so much money. They were going to go under. If you think that
it’s about Sustainable Development, it’s not at all. It’s about
taking over food production. It’s about taking complete control of
the monetary system with digital currency so they can monitor what
you buy. This guy is spending his money on some cigarettes, or
here, this guy is spending money on a psychiatrist. He’s crazy.
This all leads to somewhere. This is not paranoid thinking. You’re
dealing with the Klaus Schwabs of
the world and Bill Gates, who everybody seems to think is some
angel who has a hundred billion dollars and hasn’t spent a dime on
a well in Africa or help drought-stricken Africans
. He’s
spending money on vaccines,
experimenting on poor Africans half the time and having been proved
to sterilize thousands and thousands of Africans
. All they are
is guinea pigs to him.
But no matter how you feel about Planned Parenthood, Gates’ father
funded it
, and it had one intention and that was [to] get rid
of unwanted babies. And they weren’t white babies, I can tell you.