Key Stats: 4.86 strikes landed per minute, 2.03 takedowns per 15 minutes, 28% takedown accuracy

What It Means: Muhammad is an in-your-face pressure fighter whose well-rounded skill set allows him to implement the kind of pressure that melts opponents. His mixture of wrestling and improved striking forces opponents back against the fence, and his overall durability helps him walk through any return fire he faces. The pace he keeps is grueling, made more so by his dedication to both striking his opponent’s body as well as consistent shooting for takedowns.

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What to Look For in the Fight: Muhammad is likely going to press forward for the whole fight. Edwards, however, has shown an ability to stifle that pressure both with rangy striking as well as his own grappling. He is strong in the clinch and punishes defensive lapses. For Muhammad, getting the fight to the ground will likely be the path to victory, but he’ll have to use his improved striking, particularly his boxing, to find himself in advantageous spots.