He’s got youth, he’s got the CW featherweight title and he’s got a fanbase bigger than most major cities. It doesn’t take Gianni the Greek to assume that smart money says Charriere might have a stronger fanbase than 90% of the featherweights in the sport. With millions of views per video regardless of the content, Charriere lives like a king in a sea of admirers and devoted fans.

Despite having a consistent 150K follower range on most social media, Charriere might not have the most followers but he certainly has the most devoted. But with no UFC experience to maximize his exposure across the fight world, how does he do it?

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“It was, I think last year, maybe two years ago, I had a YouTube series with a big French streamer,” Charriere explained. “I did a web series on YouTube where he wanted to lose weight. He was like 330 pounds and he wanted to lose weight so he contacted me on Twitter and said, ‘can you coach me? Can you film me through a workout program?’”