A phone call with Jeffery may confuse most into thinking he was an NPR host, not a fighter with eight finishes. On the mats and in the cage he’s a finishing machine, but outside the gym he’s a simply a mullet-enthusiast with a resting heart rate most of his peers would envy. The “what ifs” in the minds of most fighters and fans might be things along the lines of what may have come of DC’s career had he not gone to 205 pounds to not face his friend and teammate Cain Velasquez. Jeffery ponders such questions, sure. But his mind wanders elsewhere from time to time as well.

“Maybe back in the 70s and 80s when everybody had mullets then maybe it was an ironic thing and they were all doing it for fun,” Jeffery proposed. “We look back at photos and it’s funny. Maybe it’s kind of the same thing now where everybody’s growing out mullets because it’s funny.”

The disarmingly serious and mellow delivery of everything Jeffery says makes his personality even more addicting. Ever the eccentric, Jeffery is also self-aware and, in the most modest way imaginable, also entertained by his personality.

“Whenever I see interviews of myself, I think I’m so monotone, and I seem like I’m so serious,” Jeffery said. “I over pronounce everything, no change in the pitch of my voice. I guess it’s just how I talk.”