“Both guys would be super tasty wins, but with Aljo, and our history, embarrassing me like that, I have a fire way, way down inside that needs to get that one back at some point,” said Sandhagen. “I would really like to show that guy isn’t better than me. That would be a really big thing for me to prove to myself and prove to everyone else that I’m better. That would be the main course and the dessert.”

How to Watch UFC 259

There is no question that Sandhagen has put himself in an excellent position to challenge whoever leaves the UFC APEX with the strap on Saturday. His last two performances helped him capture momentum and become more popular with fans; all that’s left for him to do is turn on the TV, watch UFC 259 and wait for a contract to be sent to him. 

Title shot or no title shot, expect nothing but authenticity from Sandhagen.

“As I give thought and love to my craft, I find success. I am just going to stay in this lane and continue to be who I am inside and outside of the Octagon,” said Sandhagen. 

“The UFC is giving me huge fights and I haven’t had to do anything crazy to get those. So, whether it’s a title shot against the winner of Petr and Aljamain or it’s another big name, I’m just going to prove myself by being me.”